Capture the action - support your team

Today, I spend alot of time capturing sports moments with the camera. From football matches, to horse shows. Most of these can be at professional/semi professional levels.

Back when I was at high school, I used to play rugby (most definitely not professionally). It became a big part of my identity at school, rugby captain for the senior team and a rugby coach. But the sad part is, I’ve got no pictures of me doing the thing I enjoyed. No action shot of me scoring a try or taking down the biggest guy on the pitch. Out of this regret, comes a way of capturing those moments for future generations…

why not capture moments of your team doing what they love, and raise a little money for your team at the same time?

Our fundraising package for sports teams does exactly that. The basic premise is this; we come along and capture shots of your team at a game or tournament and the parents can purchase the images (digital or prints) with all the profit going directly to you.

Club benefits

This isn't just a fundraiser for your team, this is also an opportunity to get some photos of your player in action. As part of our fundraising package, the club can select up to 15 images to use across your own social media and promotional material - for free (includes a commercial print license).

Coaches too!

Alongside the player, we also capture pictures of the coaches. Coaches volunteer hundreds of hours every year (if not every month!) to their teams and probably don't have a single photo of themselves doing something they love! We make sure to get a few shots of the coaches at every game too.

What does it cost?

Rather than take a percentage of the money raised, we'd rather that every penny went to you. We have a flat rate cost of £150*. This includes coverage of game/tournament (up to 3 hours), post production/editing time, hosting of live gallery with online store and all payment handling.

*Excludes travel costs outwith Fife.

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