School Photography

Our school photography includes genuine smiles,

a little laughter, friends and real memories

School photography doesn't have to be 'in, click, out, next!' - sometimes a few extra seconds can capture real, genuine moments. Our school photography packages are designed to work around you and your young people.

What makes Capture Through the Lens different?

School photography is something we all have mixed feelings about. We remember the days of the awful pictures sitting on our parent’s mantelpiece with our hair a mess, shirts untucked and a grimace, not a smile.

At Capture Through the Lens, we believe that school photography doesn’t have to be like that. We can spend more than 10 seconds taking a picture of young people to try capturing their personality. We aim to provide a relaxed, enjoyable photography session that will be a pleasant memory.

Depending on what you are looking for, we can be flexible about how we visit. We do not have to do the entire school in two or three consecutive days. It could be split between different weeks and days to make sure that there is not a significant impact on your normal school days (nothing worse than losing the use of the gym hall for a week).


The very core of the school and school photography, the pupils. We take a handful of photos with every pupil and give them time to relax and be themselves


Our class photos are shot as a group, on a blank background so we can add a suitable background for your school.


Parents are given the option to sign up for sibling photos. Taking a handful of photos allows us to show the relationship and bond between siblings - normally with a few laughs!

Friend groups

Particularly popular for the Primary 7 leavers photos, letting the pupils get photos with firends before they head off to high school can be a real treasure, a way of remembering friendships for decades to come.

Staff photos

Staff photos are an excellent way to help showcase staff to visitors and stakeholders to the school. It can also be useful throughout your online presence and in the classroom. With every whole school booking, we offer free staff photos (up to 50 photos). We take time to capture these photos to ensure they capture each individual personality.

Online delivery

All of our photos are delivered via online gallery. This means minimal admin work for you with no need to collect funds, envelopes and then handing prints out to parents (unless you want to of course). Parents are provided a card, with their unique access code. This ensure they can only see the photos they should have access to.

Extra consideration

We know that some pupils aren't a fan of getting their photo taken and sometimes need a little extra time and considerations to make sure we get a photo that truly represents them. This can be some time in the morning, before school starts or at the end of the school day, so parents/carers can come along as well to help capture the best photo