Football... basketball... showjumping...

Since starting Capture Through the Lens, I've enjoyed turning my hand to a wide range of photography styles. One of my favourites has to be sports. From standing pitchside in the torrential rain or sunshine, to sitting on the floor in a hall capturing the leap as the basketball leaves the tips of a players fingers - it always brings a real joy.

50 sports shoots later

This Saturday will be our 50th sports shoot and I can't wait to be sitting pitchside for another game. Over the course of 50 shoots I have learned a great deal. Learning any skill can be a challenge, but it's been an incredible journey learning how to capture such fast paced motion in dim light gym halls and terribly lit football pitches. Learning how to work beside horses whilst they travel around courses at such pace without spooking them with the sound of a camera shutter has been fascinating.

It's been a privilege to capture 100's of skilled, talented sports people and I can't wait till to see what I will capture next.

Lets celebrate together!

To celebrate this moment, we are offering 50% off our latest package, Sports Fundraising shoot, for 5 local Fife youth sports teams. This offer will only be available for the next 72 hours

(from Saturday 12 August 2023 @ 1900hrs).

Have a look at our team fundraising shoot page and complete the sign up form today!

So what have we captured in the last 50 sports shoots?

Here are a handful of images from the past 50 shoots. I hope you will enjoy these images almost as much as I've enjoyed capturing them

Not just sports...

Capture Through the Lens does a lot more than just sports. School photography, event coverage and corporate branding sessions - we can help you capture true moments from behind the lens. Find out about what we can offer and get in touch today.